Thursday, May 17, 2012

Print Print Print!

We've been buried in fun fabric jobs here at Reuse First HQ! This past month we worked together with a fantastic couple who collected vintage handkerchiefs and sought us out to print their wedding invitations on them. The couple worked with Jeshurun Webb to design them. It took some configuring and thankfully we had printed a handful of t-shirt and fabric jobs to warm us up and get used to working with the new press and flash cure unit. Have a look see at the end result, we were quite pleased!

 We've also been working closely with Hemlock Records to print t-shirts and other promo materials for Orange Drink's newly released album, Minotaur.

Split fountain t-shirt print!
Fresh off the press

Another exciting print project we had the fortune to work on was Let's Be Friends circus punk plushies and tags! Stitched and designed by the lovely Felicia Koloc. We love these little guys!

Photo by Felicia Koloc


  1. I seriously love the idea of hankerchief wedding invites. So brilliant!

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    1. I'm teaching my students how to use blogger and you're my example :)