Monday, April 23, 2012

Where Have the First Four Months Gone?!

Is it really almost May?! Eek! We've been keepin' busy here at Reuse First HQ. We've printed a handful of posters, done a complete redesign for Ipsento, participated in the Bloomington Handmade Market and printed/designed lots of wedding invites! We've also started printing tote bags, t-shirts and fabrics. We don't have too many big summer plans as of yet, a few local/midwest shows and lots more printing! We are working on creating a wholesale wedding invite book for Inkling, and trying to get things together enough so we can finally take our honeymoon! Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to! As always, more to come!

The new Ipsento Bags! We'll soon have photos of each new design!
Gabi & Manuel's Wedding invites! Custom portrait by Jana Kinsman.
Bloomington Handmade Market 2012
Working on our garden plans for 2012
Jeremiah working hard to eliminate our morning glory problem!

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