Friday, February 25, 2011

Introducing... Alex Kircher!

This year is going to be a good year for business, we can just feel it in the air! We've picked up a new partner/craftsman/brain stormer, the wonderful Alex Kircher! Alex is helping Reuse First design and execute hydroponic growing solutions using bottles we collect from local bars that don't recycle or choose to donate to us. Check back soon for photos! And not only that, he's also designing a better system for bottle cutting. We're so pleased to have Alex on board with Reuse First and can't wait to showcase his work! Check back soon for photos!

We should also mention, we're in the process of finalizing our first ever wholesale line list! We can't wait to spread the word about what we do and hopefully pop up in some more stores! We recently sent out an order to the lovely Leo Handmade in beautiful Chattanooga, TN, thanks guys! I suppose the next step for us will be to get a "grown up" website where we can streamline our blog updates, new products, and maybe even offer a shopping cart! Ooo la la! We can't wait to join the ranks and have our very own site to update.

No pretty photos this time around, but i promise there will be some soon! Thanks for reading!

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