Monday, February 7, 2011

Coffee Bags and Sleeves

Some of our latest endeavors have brought us into the wonderful world of independent coffee roasters! Upon meeting Grinderman, an independent roaster who offers bike delivery service, we not only fell in love with his coffee beans, but also started silkscreening his coffee bags, which are biodegradable! His bags were previously made using a hand cut block print which was beautiful but laborious and would run if it came into contact with moisture. Check out what we made up for him!

 Grinderman then turned us on to Ipsento who was also looking for some custom silkscreened bags. Again, we fell in love with their beans and adore their cozy store front coffee shop with their portable roasting machine (which, I should add, they take to farmers markets in the summer months). They used to print off their logo and coffee types onto stickers which they would position onto each bag. Check out how vibrant the silkscreened bags look!

After successfully printing the Ipsento bags, we then started silkscreening their coffee sleeves which were originally stamped and a bit difficult to read.

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