Thursday, September 30, 2010

Renegade was Fantastic!

It's been nothin' but work work work for the past month and a half! We are just now finally getting a chance to catch up on things. First off, Renegade Craft Fair was tons of fun! We were running on about 45 minutes of sleep, coffee, and pure adrenaline. The first day started with a steady drizzle and a long, slow line of cars waiting to get the go ahead to enter the grounds and set up. Luckily, Reuse First had plenty of wonderful helpers who made setting up a breeze (thank you SO much guys!!) The rain cleared up fairly quickly and the day become perfectly cool and partly cloudy. We saw lots of familiar faces and met tons more new ones! A big thanks goes out to all our friends, families, and supporters who dropped in... and an especially big thanks to all those who came over and helped us in our preparations. Alright alright, I'm beginning to sound like someone who just won a Grammy!

We are excited to have gained several more donors of various items. The Boiler Room is a very unique bar/pizzeria located in Logan Square who has started donating empty liquor bottles to Reuse First. Go there and grab some $3 Jameson on tap and a slice of pizza, they've got some awesome specials! Not to mention they use solar panels and the whole place is done up using reused materials. We'll be popping in on Tuesdays to collect bottles.

Another exciting donor is a wine tasting company. On Monday we picked up around 30 bottles from them, and there are plenty more to be had.

More on other donors next time! For now, I leave you with a few shots of our booth at The Renegade Craft Fair!

The right side of our booth

The left side of our booth

Jeremiah manning the booth

Michelle and Salina manning the booth


  1. WooO! Looks like fun! Nice sign too!

  2. Very nice! So sorry I missed it! :-(

  3. awesome! thanks for letting me tag along - it was all sorts of fun! :)

  4. The booth looks awesome! Congrats :)