Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Recycling in the Big City

Those of us city dwellers in Chicago probably know just how difficult it can be to recycle. Only select neighborhoods have recycling services. It IS possible to get private recycling services, but at a cost of course, and most landlords opt against the extra expense.

Here is a map of the city with all the areas that DO have blue bin service.

We've done a little footwork here at Reuse First and have put together a map of recycling drop-off locations. It should be noted that drop offs in city parks are typically just a series of single bins with the recycling symbol on the side. The major drop off centers have several huge blue containers. It is asked that you don't bag your recycling, instead, carry it in a box or paper bag. If you must carry it in a plastic bag, rip the bag open when you get to the bin to empty it and discard of the bag in the trash.

View Chicago recycling dropoff centers in a larger map

We found another helpful guide to recycling in this Reader article. The article explains how the recycling programs in the city work and well, don't work.

Here is the guide for your convenience.

If you live in an area that doesn't offer recycling, try your hardest to do your part and make a trip over to a recycling center when possible. Make friends with a neighbor who has a car and plan a couple days a month that you two can get all your recycling together and drop it off. Post a sign in your complex and try to get others interested in recycling. It's worth it!

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