Thursday, September 15, 2011

2011 Chicago Renegade

A big thanks to all those who came out to show their support last weekend! It was a perfect day for the fair and lots of friendly faces popped into our booth. This year we had a few new items that turned out to be red hot sellers! We were amazed at the positive response to our hand poured soy candles and plants in our hand cut liquor bottles. We've applied to the Renegade Holiday Fair here in Chicago and if we get in you better believe there will be a booth chock full of yummy scented candles and soothing succulents in liquor bottles!

Here are a few photos of our new products and some booth shots!

Lovely little aloe vera plant.

The evil Bunny Ear Cactus! Beware of its spines!!

Rainy Day Savings Jug

Before and after shot at the beginning and end of day 1
We went home and made a couple dozen more over night!
Our motto, "Sleep is for the weak!"

The right side of our booth.


  1. Is there a "wrong" side to your booth?

  2. Hi, I love this idea, but how do I cut off the top part of the bottles (without injuring myself :) ?