Thursday, July 8, 2010


Reuse First was recently commissioned to design the invites, thankyou's, guest book, centerpieces, place cards, and table cards for a pirate-themed wedding.

We've been collecting empty liquor, wine and beer bottles from a local bar that does not recycle. (see below for the first planter's we made using the bottles) Since pirates are notorious for their love of booze, we decided to make the centerpieces by cutting the bottoms off of bottles and using the top as a tabletop lantern and the bottom for floating tea lights. Each centerpiece had two lanterns, one floating tea light holder, and one bottle cut to hold the table name.

As is the way of Reuse First, all the paper used was collected from local printer's and binder's scrap cut-off bins. The invites, place cards (individual names were inkjet), thankyou's, and guest book were all hand silkscreened.

We had so much fun working with the couple and were really pleased with how well everything came together. If you have an interest in getting custom wedding invites or center pieces please contact us reusefirst{at}gmail{dot}com

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  1. loooooove this!!!
    i hope people got to wear eyepatches.
    or a hook.