Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Indie Arts Market and Updates

It sure has been awhile since we've had a spare moment to update our blog! Saturday, May 30th 11-4pm is Indie Arts Market at Schubas Tavern located on the corner of Belmont and Southport. It's a big year for Reuse First! We have the biggest space available and are working day and night to make enough lovely things to fill the space. Included will me Michelle's photography and Jeremiah's paintings and other artwork. Don't miss it! It's one day only!

Reuse First is now officially moved in and back up and running at our new abode. Pictures of our new studio space will soon follow! It was no small task getting turning this huge basement room into a functioning studio, and we still have so much more to do! We're on the right path though and hope to be finished with all the major work within the next couple weeks.

Jeremiah, Brad and friends all worked their butts off to try and fix the water problem. We have accomplished the following:
tore down all old drywall, carpeting, and mirrors (it was an old workout room!)
powerwashed all walls (mildew GALORE! ick!)
broke up cement by hand (pick ax and sledge!)
dug out a long trench and deep hole for a sump pump and tile pipe system
emptied bucket after bucket of water, mud, and debris
installed sump and tile drain
added backfill (little rocks) and cemented over trench

We are hoping to eventually set the studio up so other's can rent out studio space and time to do their own silk-screening, painting, drafting, book-binding, letter pressing, etc. etc. Maybe even hold small classes!

That's all for now, pictures coming soon!

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