Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reuse First Fights Back!

We all know the economy hasn't been doing so hot for awhile now... but is there any excuse for companies taking advantage of their consumers?? Tons of well-known corporations have been sneakily reducing the sizes of their products and keeping the prices the same. Some companies even left their claims of "25% more free!" on products they significantly reduced the sizes of. We find this behavior totally unacceptable! In an effort to raise awareness of this unethical business practice, we've created some hand silk-screened postcards. It's important that we tell businesses when we don't agree with their practices, let them know we will NOT stand for this behavior.

We encourage you to send these companies your two cents! For more info and some detailed articles, please check The Consumerist

Here's the link to our postcard

Give 'em hell!


Reuse First

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